Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute


The following core facilities support Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute investigators in their work.

Cardiovascular Phenotyping Core

Comprehensive phenotyping and cardiac disease models are available, which include small animal 2D-Echo, blood pressure, and heart attack disease models, as well as heart and kidney transplantation. Our opportunities for growth include adding high technology approaches to the study of heart and kidney disease (telemetry, MRI, and optical tomography imaging for heart and vasculature, histology and pathology cores, and exosome isolation.

Mouse Transgenic Lines and Services

The FCVRI houses more than 100 ‘high tech’ mouse lines with specially designed genes. We are negotiating collaboration with a pharmaceutical company to develop a range of humanized mice for the development and testing of new treatments for cardiovascular disease, eye disease, and diabetic complications that will ultimately be valuable for patients.