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George M. O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center

The Northwestern University George M. O'Brien Kidney Research Core Center (NU GoKidney) aims to strengthen the regional, national, and international capacity to identify, test, and advance the development of novel therapeutics for patients with kidney diseases by engaging across multiple institutions. This center is part of the Feinberg Cardiovascular and Renal Research Institute and directed by Susan Quaggin, MD.

NU GoKidney promotes and supports innovative research leading to the discovery of novel nephro-therapeutics that will transform the prevention and treatment of kidney diseases and eventually lead to cures. 

Our Work

NUGoKidney provides researchers from around the world with the resources they need to identify potential therapeutic targets for kidney diseases, test them in preclinical studies, and advance them to human studies.

We work to establish best practices for therapeutics development in nephrology and provide data, tools, and resources to the greater research community while training the next generation of therapeutics-focused nephrology investigators. The work done at NU GoKidney represents creative, cutting-edge expertise in three areas to drive discovery in kidney therapeutics - preclinical models, therapeutic design and development, and clinical and translational research. 


Preclinical Models Core (Core A)

The Preclinical Models Core (Core A) provides researchers access to specialized services for basic discovery research, interrogation of newly identified pathways, and early target validation, including:

  • Sophisticated and customized kidney disease animal models.
  • NUMouse repository with 30+ transgenic mouse strains, including reporter lines, Cre-driver strains, and targeted mutations.
  • Renal, cardiac, blood pressure, and bone mineral metabolism phenotyping services.
  • Advanced genome editing services.
  • Consultation and services to generate high-quality, validated induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines from patient tissues.
  • Education and training relating preclinical models through a series of workshops.

Therapeutic Design & Development Core (Core B)

The Therapeutic Design & Development Core (Core B) establishes an efficient platform for supporting the development and validation of a pipeline of chemical, biological, and cellular therapeutics for the treatment of a wide spectrum of kidney diseases.

Core B services span concept and design of small molecule drugs and therapeutic cells through in vitro validation and small animal testing. 

Clinical & Translational Support Core (Core C)

The Clinical and Translational Support Core (Core C) provides resources to help with a study start-up and closeout, IRB submissions, completion of study visits, and ancillary support for existing study staff. Core C effieciently connects investigators with: 

  • The most appropriate components of the existing clinical research infrastructure; 
  • Relevant analytic experts; 
  • Well-matched talent in methods not commonly used in nephrology; 
  • Unique data and biosample repositories; 
  • Resources to improve the ability of investigators to phenotype participants through access to data and biosample repositories; and 
  • Bioethicists, community providers, and community engaged research experts to enrich the experience of study participants. 

Enrichment Programs

Along with cutting-edge research, the center also provides interactive enrichment programming and research venues to expose investigators to the latest advances in kidney research, grow the kidney disease translational workforce, and serve the needs of the people and communities affected by kidney diseases. 

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